• Making commitments

    “I have problems with commitment.” It’s a line I often hear, and I’m beginning to think it could stand as a motto for my own generation — and every generation younger than mine.

  • That’s the Spirit

    Have you ever seen a triple play? ... They’re just three outs. But they’re three outs at once. They shut the other team down. ... In a triple play, those several players need to share a certain communion of mind and motion.

  • Intention deficit and its remedies

    I keep coming back to the theme of intentional discipleship. It’s come up in the last two columns I’ve written — and that’s because it comes up repeatedly in my thoughts.

  • Nothing has changed

    Another papal document has appeared. This one’s on marriage and the family. ... Within hours of its appearance “experts” were on the news making judgments about its meaning. The headlines called it “revolutionary” and said it was a harbinger of great change. But the truth is: nothing has changed.

  • An intentional Easter

    It’s Easter. It’s the most important feast day in the life of the Church — and, actually, the most important day in the life of a Christian … any Christian. ... Why is Easter important to you? Indeed, why is it the most important day of your life?

  • Making the most of the rest of Lent

    This Lenten drama will soon arrive at its climax. Holy Week will soon be here. Maybe you’ve been spotty in your follow-through since Ash Wednesday. ... Well, now’s a good time to start over. Begin again.

  • The way to freedom

    It’s easy to sound glib when talking about temptation. We all suffer it. St. Paul did. Even Jesus did ... so we should not be surprised when it comes to us. 

  • The temptations

    Oscar Wilde famously said that he could resist everything but temptation. He was a funny guy — and that’s a funny line. But he wasn’t a happy guy. ... Jesus himself faced temptations and overcame them, one by one.

  • Real power

    The poet Robert Burns said it is a “power” to “see ourselves as others see us.” Self-knowledge makes us stronger. ... Real power rests near our hearts in Holy Communion.

  • Ordinary Time: The season of ‘nothing special’?

    After the bells and carols of December — and after the spectacle of the ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s — we now enter the season of “nothing special.” We now enter what the Church calls “Ordinary Time.”

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How to not be a 'beige Catholic,' according to Bishop Barron

Catholic News Agency

Catholics in America today need to find ways to engage the culture with truth, and avoid “beige Catholicism” that seeks to be dominated by the culture, Bishop Robert Barron said Thursday.


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