• Doctor-prescribed death is the wrong choice for California

    Last week, the California legislature voted to allow doctors to help their patients kill themselves.

    This decision is deeply disturbing — and so is the process that led to this vote. 

  • Archbishop Gomez on California Legislature’s Approval of ABx2-15

    I am deeply disturbed by the California legislature’s decision to allow doctors to help their patients kill themselves. This is no way for our government to make policy on a life and death issue that will affect millions of individuals and families. Just a few months ago, after a long and substantial debate, the Assembly Health Committee wisely decided not to advance this legislation. 

  • To be a bishop is a privilege of service

    Our Holy Father has said that there are three basic qualities that we should look for in a bishop, as the famous expression indicates: “If he is holy, let him pray for us. If he is learned, let him teach us. And if he is prudent, let him govern us.”

  • To labor with love

    In a recent audience, Pope Francis said: “In speaking about a serious, honest person, the most beautiful thing that can be said is: ‘He or she is a worker,’ one who works.” 



  • What are we working for?

    What is work? Why do we do it and what are we working for? What does God want from our work? What does our work mean in light of our Catholic faith? 


  • Signs of renewal, rededication and the end of summer

    This has been a busy summer. As I write to you this week, I am getting ready for the opening Mass for the new school year at St. John’s Seminary. I cannot believe the summer months have moved so fast!

  • City of saints

    This weekend I had the blessing to join more than 1,100 teenagers for our first annual “City of Saints” conference, hosted by the archdiocese’s Religious Education Department.

  • ‘All creatures of one creator’

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since Evangelium Vitae, the magna carta of the modern pro-life movement. But St. John Paul II’s words still ring true: “The Gospel of life is at the heart of Jesus’ message.”

  • The greatest of all truths in the universe

    A huge crowd was gathered to hear him, 5,000 people at least have come to him. And now the day is almost over and they’re far from home with nothing to eat. Jesus knows they are hungry and he wants to feed them. We can feel how much he cares for them, he loves them. His heart is moved and he really wants to take care of them.

  • ‘A world where every life is valued’

    My brothers and sisters, we are part of a great struggle for human dignity, the great struggle to realize God’s plan for creation, for our world.

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A blaze of praise

Father Ed Benioff

If you say nice things about my preaching — or my writing, or my shoes — I have to admit, I’ll be pleased. I’ll remember what you said. Pay me a compliment, and it may even change the course of my day. That’s the power of praise when it’s directed at another human being. For a moment, it makes us feel like we’re the object of admiration and even love.


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