• Movie reviews: ‘A Million…’, ‘Ida,’ ‘Maleficent’

    The starkly beautiful minimalist masterpiece that is "Ida" adroitly navigates two horrific eras of Polish history as an aspiring nun discovers her true identity. While brisk and unadorned at a brief 80 minutes, the film is nevertheless anything but simplistic. Director and co-writer (with Rebecca Lenkiewicz) Pawel Pawlikowski assumes that the audience knows something of the Holocaust in Poland, and of the Stalinist show trials to consolidate state power that followed the Soviet victory in World War II.

  • Movie reviews: ‘Blended and ‘X-Men’

    Blended (Warner Bros.): This that rarity of rarities, a sincere family film, and since it stars Adam Sandler, whose trademark is scatological gags, it's more than a bit of a surprise. At the same time, director Frank Coraci and screenwriters Ivan Menchell and Clare Sera hew to a rigid formula now common for the genre: Each child's problem is dealt with individually and completely, without condescension.

  • Religious undertones find their way into ‘Godzilla, ‘Arm’

    Editor’s note: This week, the Tidings resumes its movie reviews on a regular basis, with commentary by the staff of Catholic News Service. Newly-released films are reviewed more extensively. Complete reviews are available at the USCCB website: http://www.catholicnews.com/movies.htm.

  • CIMA honors ‘Monuments Men,’ ‘Cesar’s Last Fast,’ CBS

    The feature film “The Monuments Men,” the feature documentary “Cesar’s Last Fast” and the television news program “CBS News Sunday Morning” are recipients of the 2014 Catholics in Media Associates Awards.

  • New film illuminates Catholic view on same-sex attraction

    Catholics with same-sex attraction talk about their personal struggles and the comfort they find in Church teaching in a new documentary that shows Christian love as the “third way” in controversies about homosexuality.

  • Gosnell movie fundraiser tops $1.2 million

    A fundraising campaign to create a movie about the notorious Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell has surpassed $1.2 million in donations, more than halfway to its goal.

  • Easter Movies on TCM: The Resurrection and more

    The great annual celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord will be marked by Turner Classic Movies with excellent — and otherwise — biblical epics.

  • ‘Heaven’: Another ‘For Real’ religious hit?

    In 2010, a small-town Nebraska preacher named Todd Burpo took the world by storm with the release of his book “Heaven Is For Real.” In it, Burpo claimed to detail the true story of what happened when his 4-year-old son Colton left his body during an emergency appendix surgery.

  • There's nothing like the TCM Classic Film Festival

    Film buffs who complain that there’s not enough great movies shown on the big screen these days have no reason to complain this weekend, as the fifth annual TCM Classic Film Festival hits Hollywood with a dazzling array of classic films and discussions with many of their timeless stars.

  • Francis documentary to be shown at John Paul II Film Festival

    The documentary “Francis: The Pope of the New World” will be shown on the big screen for the first time during the John Paul II International Film Festival, being held April 3-12 in Miami.

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Praying for the world

Archbishop José H. Gomez

As we look around the world during these summer months, we see that there is a lot for us to pray about. 

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