• Room

    “The mind is its own place, and in itself/Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” These words from poet John Milton’s 17th-century epic “Paradise Lost” capture at least one theme of the poignant, multifaceted drama “Room” (A24).


  • The Finest Hours

    The remarkable true story of the most daring small boat rescue mission in Coast Guard history comes to the big screen in “The Finest Hours” (Disney).

  • The art of letting go

    Since I wrote a commentary on the new Fox series “Lucifer” weeks before it debuted, I thought, in the pursuit of fairness, I would watch the very first episode that recently aired and give it a shot. It did not fail to disappoint.

  • Ride Along 2

    During World War II, when scarce supplies of gasoline had to be preserved for military use, a familiar government poster asked civilian motorists: “Is Your Trip Necessary?” 

    That same question might aptly be put to the characters who hit the road in the largely pointless comedy sequel “Ride Along 2” (Universal).

  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

    Some might fear, simply from reading its title, that “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” (Paramount) would turn out to be little more than a rehash of the congressional hearings on the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya.

    In reality, the film is a gripping, fact-based account of what happened on the ground when the U.S. consulate in the titular city was overrun, and four American lives — most prominently that of Ambassador Chris Stevens — were lost.

  • The Masked Saint

    What’s a small-town pastor to do when his crumbling church in a crime-ridden neighborhood is desperately strapped for cash? Why, become a professional wrestler by day and moonlight as a vigilante, of course!

  • Norm of the North

    A wisecracking polar bear ventures south to save his home environment from destruction in “Norm of the North” (Lionsgate).

    Though suitable for all ages, this animated comedy is unlikely to make much of an impression — either on targeted kids or on the long-suffering adults who accompany them.

  • ‘The Revenant’ and search for higher justice

    Alejandro Iñárritu’s new film “The Revenant” is one of the most talked about Oscar-nominated movies, and for good reason. The opening 20 minutes, which feature a frighteningly realistic Indian attack and a horrifically vivid mauling by a grizzly bear, are absolutely compelling viewing.

  • ‘Songs from the North’: A film by Soon-Mi Yoo

    North Korea is perhaps the most secretive, least-known country on earth. A totalitarian dictatorship, its cult of personality has elevated three generations of the Kim family, starting with Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), to the status of gods.

    Soon-Mi Yoo, a professor of film and video at the Massachusetts College of Arts, grew up in South Korea. At REDCAT recently, she introduced the documentary she directed and edited, “Songs from the North.” 

  • ‘Captive’ star David Oyelowo on the Christian messages behind his role

    In September, actor David Oyelowo starred in the Paramount Pictures release “Captive,” playing a man named Brian Nichols who made national headlines in 2005 when he killed four people while escaping from prison during his trial for a rape charge. The reason why Oyewolo found Nichols’ life story worth telling was because of what happened next.

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Iowa and us in a Year of Mercy

Kathryn Jean Lopez

It was in the general-purpose room of St. Francis of Assisi Church in West Des Moines that Donald Trump made his last pitch to Iowa voters, inside a caucus room. He wanted to make sure people remembered that not only will he build the wall on our border with Mexico, but that he’s the only candidate who will make Mexico pay for it.


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February 9, 2016

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    St. John Fisher Women's Council Shrove Tuesday Luncheon, Check-in and Refreshments 10:00 a.m., Speaker at 11 a.m., Lunch at 12 p.m., Barrett Hall,  St. John Fisher, 5448 Crest Road Rancho Palos Verdes. Guest speaker Monsignor Kevin Kosteknik, first Pastor of the Cathedral  of Our Lady of the Angeles and former Assistant Pastor at St John Fisher Church from 1982-1987, will discuss "How God Works for Us through Mary". Annual fund raiser and proceeds will help support several local charities. Admission $25. Reservations may be made at the Parish Office. Last day for reservations is Friday February 5th. For more information please call Elaine Sweers at (310) 377-7704.

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